CAROUSEL on Broadway; a dream come true!!

You would think living in NYC, I would be going to shows all the time.  Yeah, well, that is simply not the case.  Tickets cost money, money I don’t always have.  So, sometimes you have to pick and choose what you go see and hope that the tickets aren’t outrageously expensive or sold out.  This … Continue reading CAROUSEL on Broadway; a dream come true!!

The Artistry of Michael Stuhlbarg

Now that the Oscars are over, I am going to share my thoughts and opinions on what I believe was the biggest snub this year. I think I am becoming a bit disillusioned with the Oscars.  It’s unfortunate because I’ve always seen the Oscars as my “Super Bowl”.  But I’m finding as the years go … Continue reading The Artistry of Michael Stuhlbarg